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Why it's so effective

4 Reasons Why Get That First Dear Will Make You $$$

Leading Experts

Get taught by some of the world's best on how to market & find deals, build virtual house-flipping businesses around the nation, and more. You'll be learning cutting-edge strategies and tactics that work far better and faster than anything else out there.

Proven System

I wouldn't even look at Get That First Deal as a course, it's a system. A system for taking you from ground zero to 6-figures quickly. You do the work, you get the results. These strategies and tactics simply work. 120 + 6-figure students and eight 7-figure students prove it.

Thriving Community 

Interact, engage, and learn from like-minded people just like you – and my 6 & 7-figure students. Plus: attend live Q&As with me, discover what's working now, and way more!

Mastermind Group

Imagine getting direct access to me AND my 6 & 7-figure students... being able to bounce back ideas... get feedback... and help analyzing your leads & offers. My students have found this alone to be an absolute game-changer!

WHY students LOVE THE System

The #1  Virtual House Flipping Program In The World

Here's what our members are saying about Get That First Deal Program
"I didn't think this would work for me because I'm in a very competitive market in California"
I was able to close my first deal and make $32,000 out here in California. Now I run a successful 6 figure a year real estate investing business.
 - Toya Faby
"I was a bit worried that I couldn't get things going in the U.S. because I lived overseas in New Zealand"
I got with Chris used the methods he taught me and closed my first Virtual deal for $9,000. Never saw the seller, the buyer, or the house.
- Forrest Smyth
Real Estate Investor New Zealand
"Thanks to following your system, I've got rid of the office. Made over $300,000 in 10 months"
I hired my first Virtual Assistant. Now I travel the world, and spend more time with my wife and kids. Thanks for this great system!"
 - TJ Hines
National Home Buyers Group LLC
"My entire business is 100% virtual now thanks to Chris' training. "
"Write up a contract for the agreed upon price, sign it and send it to her via email or fax and then have her sign and email fax back to me."
 - Daniel Versteeg
"After implementing everything I learned, I quickly did my first few deals."
"I first started with Chris as my mentor while I was a full time college student. Now business is booming and I'm a full time investor."
- Ed Ngong


Are You Living Your Dream Or Are You Stuck At Your
 9-5 Building Someone Else's Dream? 
You've probably heard by now the best way to make money  and build wealth is in real estate. The thing is you've always had to have either a real estate license or have tons of money to buy and renovate the properties to flip. 

However now there's a much easy way... You can get paid $5,000 - $20,000 + to be a middle man connecting a hungry cash buyer and distressed seller together with a two page contract.

But the sad fact is that most of what's being taught about HOW to do this is not just wrong and outdated, but actually harmful to your long term success . And... It's costing you YOUR TIME & MONEY...
The Reason Why You Haven't Closed Your 1st Deal Is Actually Not Your Fault
Here's what I mean by that...
The old outdated & expensive ways of marketing to find deals like (bandit signs, direct mail, door knocking) are just not as effective anymore. Plus it's so time consuming, ss technology increases it becomes easier and easier for the "New Wave of Middle Man (Virtual wholesalers)" to get ahead of the competition.

...And the old dogs who don't want to learn a new trick stay behind and continue running in a hamster wheel trying to figure how to find their next deal.
What if there were a way you could:
  • Make Money from the comfort of your home, the beach while sipping margaritas, or remotely from anywhere in the world.
  • Spend more time with your Family & Friends 
  • ​Take more vacations whenever you want
  • ​Quit that J.O.B. (just over broke) you dread going into every week
  • Finally pay off your debt and stop the creditors from calling your phone 
  • ​Start to finally build wealth so you can eventually retire and pass it down generations 
There is - and it's simple... 
And inside of this Coaching program I'll show you exactly how you can have all of this. By leveraging the same closely-guarded and highly tested techniques responsible for my business generating over "5 million dollars" in gross revenue. You'll be able to use the same techniques to launch your very own Virtual wholesaling business & finally gain the FREEDOM you deserve. 
Here's what our members are saying about Get That First Deal Program
Just Like Maximo Sosa... who' s in the toughest market in the country New York City, he did his first deal virtually  $5,000 profit 
Cory Vickers used Our Text Message Software which you get Free as a Member of Get That First Deal & closed Two Virtual wholesale deals
Just Like Luke Wong... who did his first deal using the strategies shared inside the course. Now Luke quit his job & now is a Full time Investor
Nichelle Jones used the same concepts and strategies shared inside Get That First Deal and did her first deal Virtually 200 miles away from her home.
Ally & Rich applied the same strategies inside Get That First Deal and flipped 4 houses in OKC Sight Unseen while living in Denver, CO $20,000 Net Profit On Their First 4 Deals!
Sheldon Scarborough Was Skeptical But Made the leap and Joined Get That First Deal & As A Result He's Closed 10 Deals. 
Warren Clark followed the course step-by-step and flipped 6 properties in Detroit all the way from Australia from his laptop. 
Christian Cross who's based out of Dallas, Tx joined Get That First Deal and within 30 days he made ($4k profit) in Dayton Oh and locked up 2 deals after. 
Greg Phillpots talks about how he followed the steps in the course and flipped 2 deals in Memphis. He did this all the way from the comfort of his home in Connecticut. 


Introducing Get That First Deal 

FKA Virtual Flipping Riches 3.0

This is more than a course because you get Live Weekly Coaching 

24/7 Lifetime Access. Work at Your Own Pace.
I have streamlined my blueprint and my system into a 5 Modules "crash course". 
I know how busy you are...I know, just like me, you need to start this off as a "side hustle" first, then as you start making money, you can then quit the rat race (your job). 

💡 The investment in this course is TAX DEDUCTIBLE Treas. Reg 1.162-f(a)(1) & Treas. Reg 1.162-5(a)(2) of IRS Code allows you to deduct this expenditure from your taxes.


When You Join Get That First Deal, You Get Full & Immediate Access To:
  • You receive COMPLETE ACCESS to our video training modules that show you the exact steps for finding motivated sellers ready to sell their house to you, hungry cash buyers actively looking for deals to flip the house too so that you can turn a profit in the next 14-28 days.. 
  • Choosing the Right Market To Target - In less than 5 minutes know if your local market is a dud or a winner to flip houses in. You'll know exactly which market to invest in and you'll know how to setup your house flipping business remotely in another city.
  • Finding Deals- Targeting The Right SELLERS to find Deals is the most profitable thing you can do. You'll discover the top homeowners to market to that are desperate to get rid of their property for PENNIES on the dollar. Don't know how to get in contact with them? NO WORRIES you'll discover how we get access to these sellers through a secret website that includes their PHONE number and email address
  • Knowing What to Offer - You'll Discover how To Determine what a Property is Worth in it's Current Condition Even If The Roof Is Falling apart. My Personal Formula to know what to offer a Seller in less then 10 minutes so that it's a WIN WIN profit for YOU, The Buyer & The Seller!
  • Struggled or Nervous of Saying The Wrong Thing? That's why we Include Our Custom Lead Sheet Script + Negotiation One Liners & Rebuttal Script so that You'll know what to say at all times & how to position yourself as the EXPERT investor when making your offer even if You've Never done a Deal Before.
  • Attracting Buyers - Simple Strategies To Find All The “Big Baller” Cash buyers in the city looking to pay you $5k - $20k+ to hand bring them deals.
  • Closing The Deal - You'll discover how to find Investor Friendly licensed attorneys or title companies to handle the whole closing process for YOU. You just sit back and choose to get your Profit wired to your Bank Account or receive a Check.
  • It's Time To Automate: Watch over my shoulder" core strategy trainings where I break down how and when to outsource parts of your business based on your current level, and goals, (i.e., newbie, intermediate looking to the business owner or Expert looking to scale & delegate 90% of the business… Don’t worry, we have multiple strategies for each goal)
  • BONUS : 2023 Best Strategy To Contact Homeowners Producing A 98% Response Rate - TEXT MESSAGING - You'll Get Our Do A Deal Sending A Text Message System With Scripts & Video Training + Including Free Access To My Ninja Text Messaging/ RVM Software Only Available to Our Members. Not a techie? No Problem! So simple my 13-year-old could use it.
  • BONUS : Custom Built Lead Management System Inside of Podio so that you'll have access to your seller leads, buyer leads, and have an overview of your whole real estate business from any computer, ipad, or cell phone.
  • ​Members Only Coaching Calls  Attend our Weekly Coaching Calls Every Week with Me (Chris Bruce). Get ongoing coaching for Life.

YOUR fast action  BONUSES

Plus, when you join today you'll also get these Exclusive Bonuses
Iron Clad Legal Real Estate Contracts
Access to our Iron clad 2 page purchase & assignment contracts (with video tutorials on how to fill them out) that works in all 50+ states that has inspection and marketing clauses to protect you in the deal from lawsuits and ensure you get paid. Also a clause that allows you to back out the deal (just in case you can't find a buyer for it). Easy to upload to Docusign.
Lifetime Access To Private Investing Community
The power of a community is instant access to answers from experienced investors and my team of coaches. You can network, find deals, raise capital & gain skills all within a community that’s all committed to growing together!
Lifetime Weekly Live Q & A Coaching Sessions
Get access to special member-only Live Q & A Sessions Monday - Wednesday with Chris Bruce & His team. During these group coaching sessions, you'll be able to ask Chris any question to speed up your implementation and get your results further and faster.
($1,497 Value)
Legal Entity Creation Service
Our friends over at Prime Corporate Services agreed to set up an LLC for any of my students for FREE
(just pay State filing fees)
($497 Value)
Bonus - Tickets To Live Retreat 2023 In Tampa Fl
Tickets To OUR Upcoming Live Retreat
Tickets to our live retreat mastermind in Tampa FL where you'll be able to network with 6, 7, & 8 Figure investors & Entrepreneurs. We will be talking about high-level business principles & strategies to show you how to get to six and seven figures. 
($4997 Value)
Bonus - Business credit Fundability Training
This course goes further than helping you increase your business credit score. It shows you how to take full advantage of your stronger credit position within your company regardless of your personal credit score, we'll show you how to gain access to $10k business credit cards to help scale your company to pay for marketing and other business costs.
($2997 Value)
TOTAL VALUE = $17,211

Tons Of Payment Plans For You To Get Started - Including $0 Out Of Pocket Today

Get Started With 'Get That First Deal!'

FKA Virtual Flipping Riches 3.0

It's Time To Make Your Choice 
So right now, you have a choice. 

You can keep sitting on the sidelines, trying to figure this whole real estate thing out... 

You continue risking getting trapped into working 40 + hours a week just to make ends meet. Even worse continuing going into the cubicle (J.O.B.) every week while praying for 30 years to go by fast so you can finally retire in hopes of some type of pension & finally be able to experience Freedom. 


You can use this Get That First Deal system to build your business that will generate income on demand built to work around your desired lifestyle. 

Want to take the middle of the week off, take a vacation without having to request time off? You can it all starts with the business that you build TODAY that will give you the FREEDOM. Using this System you'll leverage the power of the Internet to consistently grow your business from the comfort of your home...

You'll truly have a house flipping business on wheels. 

Whether you're in your Pajamas at home, or vacationing in Montego Bay, your business will go wherever you choose. 

You'll be able to spend more time with your Family and allow enjoy the success of having a business that you love. 
Kehau Flips 1st Virtual Wholesale Deal & Makes $16k Profit in Hawaii
Kiren Single Mom of 3 Flips 2 Deals in Detroit From Her House in Rhode Island
By joining us in the Get That First Deal Masterclass, you're making the decision to invest in YOURSELF
You're making the decision to invest in your business. And you're making a commitment to your success...But you do have to grab your spot before registration closes because we're about to close the doors and get started. 
More Success Stories...
Join Ed Ngong who recently graduated from College & ditched the corporate world to go Full Time in Real Estate:
$10K Net Profit

30-Day Action Based Guarantee 

This course simply works. 120+ 6-figure students and eight 7-figure students prove it. That's why, if, within the first 30 days, you aren't THRILLED with the results you'll get – Have Gone Through 100% Of The Program – I'll refund you fully and promptly... no questions asked! That's how confident I am.


Frequently Asked Questions


Our strategies work in every state across the country excluding Illinois due to the new flipping law that just passed in 2019.


We recommend anyone that joins to have a source of income. IE: Job, investments, self-employed, etc. We would NEVER want you to take on a financial burden that you cannot handle. The amount of money needed varies for every individual based on your wants, how many deals you want to do, etc. Many of our students just started off with $200 - $300 a month. The text messaging software is free and the rates are as low as $0.02 to send a text or Ringless voicemail.  


No out strategies our catered to non licensed investors, however if you have a license it can work in your favor. But you don't need a real estate license. 


Your credit will not be used in any real estate transaction so even if you have a 550 it doesn't matter. 


There are NO additional charges required to get access to the Get That First Deal training courses. All future updates to the platform are entirely free. You will never be required to pay a penny more.


You have direct access to me and 4000 + other experienced real estate investors in our private members-only private community 24/7 support. Plus we do weekly coaching calls.


Yes all of our training courses are 'on-demand' training programs that can be done at your own pace from anywhere in the world. It is 100% compatible with computers, tablets, and smart phones.

 Q: Is There A Guarantee?

We do have a 30-day guarantee just in case you would like to receive a refund, for a refund request to be approved, you must have completed 100% of the course and you must show proof that you've applied what you learned in the course and it did not work for you. If you can't provide proof, no refunds are offered. Support@reiwealthprofit.com
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